Step by step guide for Indians to purchase their first Bitcoin:

Head over to the Unocoin site & sign up for an account



  • You will get a registration verification email from Unocoin; click on it to verify your registration.
  • Log in to your newly created Unocoin account.
  • The next step is to complete the KYC. Start by adding your bank account details. This is where you will also receive money when you decide to sell your Bitcoin. The bank account should belong to the same person/organization operating this Unocoin account. You may only add one bank account.


  • Click on “Next”.

In the next step, you need to update your documents for the KYC. Here are the documents that are required:

  • Copy of Pan card
  • Your photo
  • Address proof (Aadhar card showing address OR Driving license OR Passport page showing address)
  • Passport page/Aadhar card showing photo

In my case, I used my Passport + my Pan card to verify my account. This KYC verification will take about a day & once that is done, you will be able to start buying Bitcoins.

Note: Even if you don’t buy Bitcoin at this time, you still have created a free Bitcoin wallet address for yourself. You can use this at any time to receive Bitcoins from anyone.

Adding funds to your Unocoin account

To purchase Bitcoin, you need to add funds to your Unocoin account. This can be done with the help of NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.

Click on the “Indian Rupee” column on left side & click on “Deposit”.

On the next page, scroll down & you will see the bank details to deposit the funds.


You can start by adding any amount of funds (let’s say 10,000 INR for this example):


  • Click on “Deposit” & confirm the deposit by clicking “Yes”.


  • Add the bank account address into your bank account.
  • Deposit the amount that you wish to add. For this example: 10,000 INR.
  • Note the reference number (very important).

Once you have added the funds & you have the reference number, on the same page, under the “Deposit” column, you will be able to add in the reference number. (Refer to below screenshot.)



Now, grab a coffee and/or watch a movie. It will take a couple of hours before the funds will be reflected in your account.

I know it’s not cool, but for now, that’s the only way by which Indians can start buying Bitcoins. After the first time, this will not annoy you as you will be used to the process.

Here is a video that helps you understand:

Moreover, after this, you can always use the Unocoin Android or iOS App to add funds & buy Bitcoins.

Once the money has been deposited into your Unocoin INR wallet, go back to the dashboard of Unocoin & you can start purchasing more.


On the next page, you can directly buy Bitcoin which can be added directly to your Unocoin Bitcoin wallet address or any other Bitcoin wallet address.


Once you hit the “Buy Bitcoins” button, your transaction will happen in real-time & Bitcoins will be added to your account.

Here is a video that will help you to understand the full process:

Well, if you have followed all of the mentioned steps, then congratulations! You are now the proud owner of some Bitcoin.

While we are done with the Unocoin guide for purchasing Bitcoin, I suggest you explore all of the other options offered by Unocoin. In particular, the one which is related to the security of your account is especially important to pay attention to.

  • Click on Security > 2-Factor Auth & Enable Secondary Password (Google Authenticator).

I will talk about the Bitcoin security & Unocoin account security in the coming days.

For now, do let me know: How’s your experience of purchasing Bitcoin? What are your plans for investing in Bitcoin?


ZARFUND CONCEPT – How it works


  • You join ZarFund & Upgrade Your Level 1 by Paying/ donating 0.03 BTC ($17) per month to your Sponsor. Then, You become you open to receiving 0.03 BTC per month from each of your Two Level-1 referrals- (0.03 x 2) = 0.06 BTC.
  • Now you Upgrade to Level-2 by Paying / donating 0.05 BTC ($29) per month to your Level-2 Up-line. Then, You become you open to receiving 0.03 BTC per month from each of your Four Level-2 referrals- (0.05 x 4) = 0.20 Bitcoins.
  • Now you Upgrade to Level-3 by Paying / donating 0.1 BTC ($57) per month to your Level-3 Up-line. Then, You become you open to receiving 0.03 BTC per month from each of your Eight Level-3 referrals- (0.1 x 8) = 0.80 Bitcoins.
  • Now you Upgrade to Level-4 by Paying / donating 0.2 BTC ($114) per month to your level-4 Up-line. Then, You become you open to receiving 0.03 BTC per month from each of your Sixteen Level-4 referrals- (0.2 x 16) = 3.20 Bitcoins.
  • Now you Upgrade to Level-5 by Paying / donating 1 BTC ($570) per month to your Level-5 Up-line. Then, You become you open to receiving 0.03 BTC per month from each of your Thirty Two(32) Level-5 referrals- (1 x 32) = 32 Bitcoins.
  • Now you Upgrade to Level-6 by Paying / donating 2 BTC ($1,140) per month to your Level-6 Up-line. Then, You become you open to receiving 0.03 BTC per month from each of your Sixty-Four(64) Level-6 referrals- (2 x 64) = 128 Bitcoins.

STAGE 6 : This is the peak in ZarFund earning. At this stage your dream of being a millionaire in USD should be very feasible because you will upgrade with 2BTC and you will earn 128BTC from 62 persons at your level 6. That’s 2BTC × 64=128BTC every month.

***** YES…Every Month ******

see picture below for all other Stages


All you need is to  believework very  hard towards it, don’t be  distracted with other shinny programs seen all over the internet and always  be consistent with your  goals and vision in ZarFund.


Join our Team and start to make a difference for yourself and others.


ZarFund Web: Earn Unlimited Bit Coins By Referring Friends [Full Guide]

ZarFund Web Trick to Earn Unlimited Bit Coins Lifetime :

Hello guys I’m introducing a new earning opportunity in front of you. Here by following my this guide you’ll surely make thousands of money in just few days and many more as you progress further. This is an easy free bitcoins trick, i can say best way to earn bitcoin. You just have to spend little when you start, nothing to spend anymore in future & you will cover your spent money just by 1st successful refer. Isn’t great? Further you spend only from the money you made from referring friend & this is because you earn double when you upgrade. Don’t worry I’ve described everything in detail and in very simple way.


Here’s how it works. After joining your level 1 upline’s referral link, you pay your upline 0.03btc per month to be in a position to receive the same from each of your level 1 downlines. This is followed by receiving the same amount from each of the two people you recruited. This initiates a chain such that with enough collection of funds from your level 1 downline you get to upgrade to level 2 in the same manner you joined. This process keeps expanding and helps you gain enough money in a convenient way.

About Bit Coins In Brief:

1 Bit Coin = 66000 INR (approx.)

Yes you read absolutely right, rate of 1 bit coin is around 66k in india which is varies every time. Normally 1 bit coin = $ 1000 approximately.

Steps to Get Started With ZarFund :

You’ve to Spend Rs 2300 Approx Only Once

1. Making of Bit Coin Wallet :

  • Visit
  • Navigate to wallet and further proceed to create bitcoin wallet
  • Enter your email id and set highly secured password
  • Now login to your account, go to setting and secure account by completing all type of verification (Process will take about 2-4 minutes)
  • That’s it !! Your bitcoins wallet is now ready
  • Follow below steps to get Ƀ0.03 in your account, this is an important to have Ƀ0.03 in your bitcoins account because to activate your ZarFund account you need to donate Ƀ0.03 🙂

2. Buy Bit Coins [Rs 2300 Approx]

3. Making of ZarFund Account :

  • Click Here and register a new account on ZarFund
  • You’ll get a free membership on ZarFund which is valid only for 24 hours
  • You’ve to upgrade to next level within 24 hours, follow below steps 😉

**Upgrade to Next Level Process !!

  • At Dashboard of your ZarFund account, you’ll see an option of “Upgrade to next level” click on it


  • Now you see a person’s profile with his/her bitcoin id (Highlighted in blue), COPY it (Keep open this page on separate tab)


  • Go to your  Bitcoin account (Blockchain), Click to “Send” option and PASTE it
  • Enter donation amount as BTC 0.03 (for level 1 membership) and complete the transaction
  • Now after successful transaction, click on following highlighted buttons


  • A new page will open, COPY the highlighted transaction hash id, as shown below


  • Now go to ZarFund tab (Upgration page) and scroll down until you see STEP 2 – Submit the transaction hash ID


  • PASTE hash id that you’ve copy in above step and enter amount as indicated in bracket itself and submit it
  • That’s it!! Now you’ve successfully activated your ZarFund account
  • Now refer zarfund to your friends and earn unlimited bitcoins every month

Point to Remember :

As soon as you progress further you’ve to get upgraded. Means if your 1st level’s maximum referrals limit (got 2 donations) get over then must have to upgrade to next level by  the same manner (Marked with ****Upgrade to Next Level Process) in STEP 3. Refer following image


Refer and Earn ZarFund :

  • First of all enter your bitcoin address as shown below at dashboard of ZarFund (Go to bitcoin account -> Receive -> Copy long code address)


  • In your ZarFund dashboard you’ll see “My Link” option
  • Go there and get your referral link
  • Share it with your friends to earn bitcoins
  • Caution :- Tell your friend to complete above steps (About bitcoins) first and then to register on ZarFund
  • Also tell them to upgrade to next level within 24 hours of account created



LATEST UPDATES w.e.f. 23rd Jan 2017

Dear Users,

Latest Updates w.e.f 23rd January 2017

👉We are migrating our platform from social media exchange ( to social networking and social commerce, hence the new portals(, will be GOING LIVE on 28rd January 2017.
👉Guidelines for & will be available soon on respective websites.
👉We have discontinued 25% extra work on the purchase of 5000 or more ePoints as well as corresponding booster.
👉TDS deduction on redemption of ePoints has been modified to 5% w.e.f 23rd January 2017.
👉There are no Admin Charges applicable on redemption of ePoints.
👉All new purchase of ePoints will be in Multiples of 500 which means minimum purchase is of 500 ePoints and maximum upto 10,000 ePoints.
👉All Pending Payments from 1st January 2017 to 22nd January 2017 will be cleared from 23rd January onwards in phases.
👉Work Payment of 16th January 2017 to 22nd January 2017 will be transferred in your bank accounts on 23rd January 2017. 👉We will disburse remaining payments once our reconciliation is done.
👉Promotional Income of session closing on 30th December 2016 will be transferred after reconciliation,which is expected to be completed by 6th of February 2017.
👉All Users whose booster falling during the period 11th January to 27th January can avail their boosters from 23rd January to 27th January 2017.
👉We have discontinued our voice support on Call Centre. You can write to us on Help Desk for your Queries.
👉As we are migrating our services to new platform, Daily Work to Earn ePoints services will not be available on 27th January 2017.
👉All Users whose renewal falling during the period 11th January to 27th January can renew their purchase from 23rd January to 27th January 2017.

ST Management


🕺 Think Positive and Achieve Big 🕺

Hi Team,

I had collected all positives inputs from today updates which will give you a deep insight about vision of Anubhav Mittal Ji:-

👉 From 4th Mar-17 onwards, we can have product as well from IntMaart portal in the same amount which we are spending on purchasing ePoints now.

Example:- You can buy lot of products and club your ePoints by direct purchasing on InMaart and you can redeem these ePoints to activate your Id which is finally huge benefit of end user.

👉 Price is reduced from Rs: 5/- to Rs: 4/- from 28th Jan-17 as company had invested a lot in product productions, vendor tieups, warehouse establishment etc where now we can have product in hand in same price as well and additionally we are getting ePoints for Social Media platform.

👉 Lot of New users are unable to activate booster as well but now if user add even 1 id either in left or right then he will get half booster links as well.

Example:- If I had purchased 5000 ePoints then I will get 100 links. If I will add only one person with same ePoints like 5000 then I can have immediate booster links as 50 from this joining and if i will add another same new user in other side then will get total booster as 100 links.

So its a great benefit of new user.

👉 A new user have new and great rewards from Feb-17 onwards on IntMaart so it is again good news for everyone.

👉 Capping on any ePoint id is same as 2 Lac which is again benefit of end user.

👉 Now you can have a great experience on s-commerce platform and Social Media platform so no MLM where you can work with more confidence in market and can enjoy your wealth in more better way.

👉 Anybody can join IntMaart free of cost and no need to purchase any product to become a authorised distributor

👉 Any Distributor can take franchise of Ablaze merchandise and can get all the products at discounted rates.

👉 All Users of ST will also be granted Merchant account access and they can sell their products (If they have manufacturing or trading units) on the portal

👉 From beginning, users were getting 10 links on 5750/-, 20 links on 11500/-, 50 links on 28750/- so logically now its equal distribution where user will get 100 links on 57500/-.

So work is now 2% every where on any ePoint purchase from 100 to 1000 ePoints.

So now things are more standardised and equally distributed at all stages.

👉 For getting eligible for promotional income, earlier criteria was 1:1 (1 left and 1 right sponsorship) but now its 1:2 or 2:1 just at initial stage but later it is same like 8% of matching 1BV: 1BV. In this manner still promotional income benefits are same but only company benefit is they have to release promotional income at 1:2 or 2:1 rather than 1:1 for beginners.

Also for 3rd sponsor Id you can purchase any ePoints from 100 to 10000 as per your wish to get eligible. So guys where is challenge ?

I know there are only 5% people joining on the concept of commissions but 95% people are joining on the concept of daily task/work so it doesn’t matter at all on our business model.

We also have to think in a smart way where if company is getting benefit the off course we all get benefits so all is done for everyone’s betterment.

We all have to think everything in a positive way after all.

I hope my this above info will help you all to convince your downline and give a clear picture for long vision of Mr. Anubhav Mittal Ji.

We are really thankful to GOD that we are the part of Anubhav Mittal Ji’s vision and will really create a history world wide soon.

There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative




Dear Team,

1- The task rates are going to reduce from 28th Jan-17, as we are launching Intmaart on 28th Jan-17, So customer will get product as well as e-points.
The rates after 28th Jan-17 will be 4₹ per task/share. Till then 5₹.

2- Intmaart will be fully live by 28th Jan with 200 products.

3- will be live tonight. Initially the task can be done there with Ur existing username and password.

4- Frihub will provide the sharing and promotion services just like FB.

5- User has to sign on Intmaart and Frihub seperately after 1st Feb.

6- Every user has to make his page on Frihub.Com

7- The epoints given on Intmaart will be redeemed on Frihub.

8- Payment will start getting credited on 24-25th Jan-17 in your accounts in weekly basis.

9- No Promotional Income till 3rd Feb-17 because we are moving to new portals on Frihub and IntMaart with new concept and do not carry our MLM footprints. All previous promotional income will get credited in accounts from 24th Jan on weekly basis.

10- From 4th Feb-17 the Qualifying ratio is 2:1 or 1:2, and then promotional income will be calculated on 1:1 onwards as 8% in 1BV matching.

11- Payment can be done via DD and NEFT on accounts mentioned on Website (Published tomorrow)

12- New PPT will be available soon on website.

13- All the information will be delivered to your respective Diamonds and Gold Associates.




👉More Updates:-

1. We are starting from 28th January
2. Till 27th Janaury per click income will be 5/-
3. All users will be Ablaze Wrist Watch ⌚as a gift, if 10000 ePoints are sold directly from 23rd Jan to 27th Jan by that user.

🔵 More Updates👉👉👉

More Updates about IntMaart

1. Anybody can join IntMaart free of cost and no need to purchase any product to become a authorised distributor

2. Capping remains same for all distributors

3. Any Distributor can take franchise of Ablaze merchandise and can get all the products at discounted rates.

4. All Distributors has to sign a legal contract under contract act 1872, with IntMaart to become a authorised distributor

5. All Users of ST will also be granted Merchant account access and they can sell their products (If they have manufacturing or trading units) on the portal

ST Management



Dear All ,

Important communication from ST management on 20th Jan-17

👉From Monday 23rd Jan-17 payment will start (in and out both) and all pending both work payout and Promotional Income will be submitted to all users account in 7-10 day starting 1st payment from 23rd Jan-17 in 3 steps till 31st Jan-17.

👉For payment deposit, accounts will be available on website soon.

👉Per click charge reduced from Rs.5 to Rs.4 with immediate effect for all users (old and new).

👉No admin charge applicable on work and promotional income from Monday onwards. Only TDS will be applicable on both.

👉 On all ePoints work/task will be 2% for everyone from 100 to 10000 ePoints purchase.
Example:- STP 100 – 125 clicks reduced to 100 clicks and booster I’d will get only 200 clicks, with immediate effect.

Also now no binary concept, mean user will get half booster on 1st sponsorship as per applicability of downline.

👉Free look period is 48 hours only .

👉For promotional income, initial sale is 2:1 ratio either in left or right direction as qualify condition for promotional income.(direct 2 sales in one direction and 1 sale in other direction). After Monday onwards no binary model, no MLM. All downline Ids direct sponsorship will be placed horizontally.

👉For booster activation (every body use the window of 23rd to 28th Jan 2017), If there booster falls under 11th to 22nd Jan 2017.

👉 No promotional income for anyone on new joining from 23rd Jan to 3rd Feb-17. It will be continued from 4th Feb-17 onwards from Intmaart portal and will be 8% as it is.
👉 Better for everyone to join only users for Booster emergency from 23rd to 3rd Feb-17 as no one in upline will get promotional income for all sales till 3rd Feb-17 because we are removing MLM concept and moving on Intmaart and Frihub in this period for life long opportunities.

👉New monthly rewards will be available from Feb-17 onwards on Intmaart portal.

👉All pending rewards till Aug-16, please collect from Sanjay Nagar office from Monday onwards.

👉ST will introducing 2 major companies:-
1). as a Social Media Platform (which will be live from
tomorrow and everyone have to create own FH page to do regular work on it. All can use your exisiting ST login credentials while doing login on
2). as a S-Commerce platform (which will be operational from 4th Feb-17)

All work can be done on with new features and in new techniques and Shared Business Program can be done.

Product purchase can be done from from 4th Feb-17 to earn ePoints and product delivery will be done in 20days initially to your home address.

So no more MLM anywhere which is a good sign for everyone for building good image and good confidence while you work which is for everyone and for company under the guidelines of Finance Ministry, Direct Selling Associations and Banking Industry where currently Ablaze is facing so many challenges right now.

As per Anubhav Ji, after these changes we will no more connected in MLM and have a life of hundreds of years.

It is always better to earn a justified income in secure and safe environment rather than of temporary quick and huge payment.

And request to you all If any clarification require Please talk to your direct upline rather than triggering SMS in group .

All these decision taken by Anubhav Ji for long life of Ablaze group on 20th Jan-17.




Dear All,

Important communication from ST management

From Monday payment will start ( in and out )

Per click charge reduce from Rs.5 to Rs.4 with immediate effect .

STP 100 – 125 clicks reduced to 100 clicks and booster I’d will get only 200 clicks , with immediate effect .

Free look period is 48 hours only .

For promotional income , initial sale is 2:1 ratio either in left or right direction.

And request to you all If any clarification require Pl talk to your direct upline rather than triggering SMS in group .
All these decision taken by Anubhav Jee for long life of Ablaze group


🌟🌟🌟 Booster Date 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Hi team people who were having booster between 12th to 20th, get ready to complete your booster on 21st. Add company Bank Account in Net Banking.

Don’t do multiple Transaction from one account.
People who have Net Banking facility of multiple Bank they should add Company Account .

Do NEFT before 12 as 21st is Saturday.

Don’t wait for 21st to add Company Account in Your Net Banking do it Right now itself as we can’t take any chance for booster

Before doing transaction connect with your GOLD or Diamond upline

Thanks 👍