How to join social trade

Detailed Process to Open a Sponsor account with Socialtrade

  1. How to join or Signup with
    a. Type the URL,
    b. Click on Free Signup below the login.
    c. Enter Sponsor Id “62211497” (4th text box) and ENTER, it fetches the Sponsor name (into 5th text box).
    d. Select the position (LEFT or RIGHT) and
    e. Enter all the other details like Name, Mail Id, Contact Number, password.
    f. Click on Signup to get the User Id.
    g. Take a Note of the User Id/ login from the upline account to see the node created.

    Points to Remember :
    • Always enter the Sponsor Id first and make sure its correct to avoid any mistakes.
    • Double check the position LEFT or RIGHT, once submitted you cannot change it back.
    • Choose the name that displays on Passbook / Cancelled cheque.
    • Use simple passwords (name followed by year of birth, Eg : ganesh@85).
    • After clicking on Signup button, please be patient as sometime it may take 5 minutes time for signup.
    • Do not click on ‘submit’ for multiple times and it leads to creating multiple duplicate ID’s.
    • If the ID creation is failed for some reason, it is advised to login to Upline account and check the Networks. (This is just to make sure that there is no ID created).

  2. Make the Payment to Social trade and take a screenshot. When you want to pay that Day check social trade biz bank account number and their notifications (if any).

  3. How to put an Activation request?
    a. Type URL, and LOGIN.
    b. Goto Manage campaign > ePoints tab and enter either
    1000(STP20) /2500(STP50) / 5000(STP100) epoints and click on Purchase
    c. Click on NEFT and enter the Bank details.
    d.Fill all the details, upload Reciept and submit, U get a screen with successfully Uploaded.
    e. Click on Online Payment tab, to make Payments through Oxygen / Mobikwik Wallet, (You may have to upgrade your wallet to make payment more than Rs. 20k).
    f. Go back to dashboard > View Accounts > Check your details.

    Points to Remember :
    •  Add the Payee atleast 24-48 hours prior to transfer. Banks limit the amount to be transferred within 48 hours.
    •  While adding ABLAZE as a payee, Select Account type as “Current”
    •  Prefer to choose the transfer type as “NEFT”. Incase of booster expiry day, Prefer IMPS.
    •  Wait for a maximum of 48 hours to receive the Activation message on the registered mobile number.
    •  Periodically check the account or followup with your Upline.

  4. How to update KYC documents?
    a. Goto Manage profile in the menu icon on top right.
    b. Update Personal details & KYC.
    c. Upload clear images of relevant documents for KYC.
    d. Enter banks details & upload cancelled cheque / Passbook’s or statement’s front page & Submit.

  5. How to update Campaign?
    Goto Dashboard > Manage campaign > Add campaign and fill the details.
    Title : Any name for your advertisement. For eg. – “My business website or page”.
    Campaign start date : current date
    End date : start date + 6 months
    Alotted epoints: 0
    Free points : 5000 (for STP-100) , 1000 (for STP-20)
    Campaign link : or you can enter any of your choice.
    State : Your State Or any other States. You can enter multiple states.
    City : Your Living City Or any other cities. You can enter multiple cities.
    Fill all other details and click on submit.

  6.  After all these steps Go to View Dashboard > Vew Advertisements to start Work.HAPPY CLICKING


Please treat this as very important task and mistakes may lead to blocking of account. Please read all points carefully. need help contact us in whatsapp: +91-94136-91606.

Before Creating an account with Social trade, First get the following
1. Copy of Aadhar Card / Passport / Voter Id / Driving license.
2. Copy of PAN Card.
3. Copy of Cancelled Cheque / Bank PassBook / Bank Statement.
4. Ready with the amount to be transferred for the Chosen plan.

Points to Remember :
1. The copies should be clear. Any kind of Blurs are not accepted.
2. On the cancelled Cheque – Printed name & IFSC code is mandatory.
3. If name is not present on Cancelled cheque, you can merge a screenshot of Bank statement & Cheque as a single pic.
4. The IFSC code should be clearly visible on the cancelled cheque.
5. Do not write over the IFSC code while cancelling the cheque.
6. Photo, Printed name and IFSC code are mandatory, Incase of using the bank passbook.
7. The Plan amount has to be transferred within 48 hours from the Registration and the delay in payment leads to Blocking of the account.