🕺 Think Positive and Achieve Big 🕺

Hi Team,

I had collected all positives inputs from today updates which will give you a deep insight about vision of Anubhav Mittal Ji:-

👉 From 4th Mar-17 onwards, we can have product as well from IntMaart portal in the same amount which we are spending on purchasing ePoints now.

Example:- You can buy lot of products and club your ePoints by direct purchasing on InMaart and you can redeem these ePoints to activate your Id which is finally huge benefit of end user.

👉 Price is reduced from Rs: 5/- to Rs: 4/- from 28th Jan-17 as company had invested a lot in product productions, vendor tieups, warehouse establishment etc where now we can have product in hand in same price as well and additionally we are getting ePoints for Social Media platform.

👉 Lot of New users are unable to activate booster as well but now if user add even 1 id either in left or right then he will get half booster links as well.

Example:- If I had purchased 5000 ePoints then I will get 100 links. If I will add only one person with same ePoints like 5000 then I can have immediate booster links as 50 from this joining and if i will add another same new user in other side then will get total booster as 100 links.

So its a great benefit of new user.

👉 A new user have new and great rewards from Feb-17 onwards on IntMaart so it is again good news for everyone.

👉 Capping on any ePoint id is same as 2 Lac which is again benefit of end user.

👉 Now you can have a great experience on s-commerce platform and Social Media platform so no MLM where you can work with more confidence in market and can enjoy your wealth in more better way.

👉 Anybody can join IntMaart free of cost and no need to purchase any product to become a authorised distributor

👉 Any Distributor can take franchise of Ablaze merchandise and can get all the products at discounted rates.

👉 All Users of ST will also be granted Merchant account access and they can sell their products (If they have manufacturing or trading units) on the portal

👉 From beginning, users were getting 10 links on 5750/-, 20 links on 11500/-, 50 links on 28750/- so logically now its equal distribution where user will get 100 links on 57500/-.

So work is now 2% every where on any ePoint purchase from 100 to 1000 ePoints.

So now things are more standardised and equally distributed at all stages.

👉 For getting eligible for promotional income, earlier criteria was 1:1 (1 left and 1 right sponsorship) but now its 1:2 or 2:1 just at initial stage but later it is same like 8% of matching 1BV: 1BV. In this manner still promotional income benefits are same but only company benefit is they have to release promotional income at 1:2 or 2:1 rather than 1:1 for beginners.

Also for 3rd sponsor Id you can purchase any ePoints from 100 to 10000 as per your wish to get eligible. So guys where is challenge ?

I know there are only 5% people joining on the concept of commissions but 95% people are joining on the concept of daily task/work so it doesn’t matter at all on our business model.

We also have to think in a smart way where if company is getting benefit the off course we all get benefits so all is done for everyone’s betterment.

We all have to think everything in a positive way after all.

I hope my this above info will help you all to convince your downline and give a clear picture for long vision of Mr. Anubhav Mittal Ji.

We are really thankful to GOD that we are the part of Anubhav Mittal Ji’s vision and will really create a history world wide soon.

There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative