Dear Team,

1- The task rates are going to reduce from 28th Jan-17, as we are launching Intmaart on 28th Jan-17, So customer will get product as well as e-points.
The rates after 28th Jan-17 will be 4₹ per task/share. Till then 5₹.

2- Intmaart will be fully live by 28th Jan with 200 products.

3- will be live tonight. Initially the task can be done there with Ur existing username and password.

4- Frihub will provide the sharing and promotion services just like FB.

5- User has to sign on Intmaart and Frihub seperately after 1st Feb.

6- Every user has to make his page on Frihub.Com

7- The epoints given on Intmaart will be redeemed on Frihub.

8- Payment will start getting credited on 24-25th Jan-17 in your accounts in weekly basis.

9- No Promotional Income till 3rd Feb-17 because we are moving to new portals on Frihub and IntMaart with new concept and do not carry our MLM footprints. All previous promotional income will get credited in accounts from 24th Jan on weekly basis.

10- From 4th Feb-17 the Qualifying ratio is 2:1 or 1:2, and then promotional income will be calculated on 1:1 onwards as 8% in 1BV matching.

11- Payment can be done via DD and NEFT on accounts mentioned on Website (Published tomorrow)

12- New PPT will be available soon on website.

13- All the information will be delivered to your respective Diamonds and Gold Associates.